Buildings and construction account for 39% of CO2 emissions released into the Earth’s atmosphere and are a significant contributor to the current climate crisis. On this channel we will explore the innovations, tools, people, and companies striving for a sustainable built environment. I’m Darren, and this is ArchiNEXT.

For millennia, humans have sought to control the natural environment. Architecture has strived to improve the human experience, provide shelter, utility, culture, and beauty.  However, in its quest to enhance humanity, architecture has also contributed to changes on our planet that not only threaten the existence of humans but of all life on this planet, we call home.

Over the next few decades, more than 18 billion square meters of space will be designed to serve and house an additional 2 billion people.

The energy and resources needed to extract and transport materials, and construct and operate these new buildings is staggering.

The entire planet faces a looming crisis more devastating than that of a global pandemic. The poles are melting, seas are rising, and extreme weather events, such as drought, flooding, hurricanes, and heat, are beginning to impact every community.

All is not lost – yet! But everything we thought we knew about architecture has to change. Architects have the tools right now to be able to design zero-carbon and net-positive energy buildings. We can no longer settle for building-as-usual. Every design decision going forward must be looked at through the lens of climate change. We can make a difference.

Whether you are an architect, student, homeowner, builder, or just a curious inhabitant of planet Earth, I hope you will find inspiration in the stories, ideas, tools, and research we will explore together on ArchiNEXT.