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Darren Ockert 1 min read

3 Tips For Architects and Climate Change Liability Risk Reduction

We've all known about climate change since the 1970s. Could 'design-as-usual' put architects in legal jeopardy?

Darren Ockert 5 min read

How To Monitor and Measure Your Home's Electricity Usage

We live in a time where electricity usage has become a significant concern for everyone. Whether it's because of the rising cost of energy or climate change, we're constantly looking for ways to reduce our consumption.

Darren Ockert 8 min read

Green Building Rating Systems Part 1: A Primer

In this video series, we’re going to look at ten of the most significant green building rating systems in the world.

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Darren Ockert 2 min read

Newsletter August 12, 2022

In this week's issue: Climate liability | No more natural gas | Going for Gold - Brooks + Scarpa

Darren Ockert 5 min read

Bullitt Center

The Bullitt Center is a six-story commercial office building in Seattle, Washington, USA. The Bullitt Center is considered one of the world's greenest commercial buildings and achieved Living Building Challenge certification in April 2015.

Darren Ockert 1 min read

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We are working behind the scenes to bring you a brand new Archinext experience. If you want to learn all about sustainable and resilient architectural design - stay tuned. Things will be up and running here shortly, but you can subscribe in the meantime if you'd like to stay up

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This is Archinext - Architecture for the Planet

Archinext explores the innovations, tools, people, and companies striving for a sustainable built environment. Whether you are an architect, student, builder, homeowner, or a curious inhabitant of planet Earth, we hope you find some inspiration in these videos.